Catcher Signal Stickers

At Game Signs, we are excited about all things sports-related. We understand the fun, the passion, and the excitement that shoots through our bodies when we step onto the field. There are few experiences that match scoring the winning run or making the saving catch. And with our catcher fingernail stickers, you can take your game to a whole new level.

Playing the position of catcher comes with a unique set of responsibilities. It’s your job to assess the hitter, determine the right pitch to throw, and to inform your team when someone might be trying to steal a base. With our catcher fingernail enhancement stickers, you can quickly send signs to your pitcher in an easy-to-see way. Read on to learn more about how our stickers can help your game.

See the Signs!

As a catcher, you must signal to the pitcher which type of pitch would work best for each batter on the opposing team. However, the distance between the pitcher’s mound and home plate can make it difficult to see your signals. As a result, the pitcher may throw the wrong pitch or you may get "crossed up". With the help of our catcher fingernail stickers from Game Signs, your mind can be at ease.

Our catcher signal stickers are brightly colored, allowing the pitcher to easily see your fingers. Our catcher fingernail stickers are also quite durable — we want you to only have to put them on once per game.

When you use our fingernail signal stickers, you can easily convey your signals to the pitcher. Keep reading to find out more about our incredibly useful catcher fingernail stickers.

Don't Get Crossed Up!

Catcher fingernail stickers are a great alternative to tape, nail polish, or paint. Avoid the mess and lose the stress when you use our high-quality catcher fingernail stickers. With four colors to pick from and 100 stickers per pack, Game Signs has you covered for up to 20 games. We stand by the quality of our catcher fingernail stickers and we feel confident that you will too.

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